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While there are a lot for sellers and buyers who gain from Our multi-vendor marketplace solution West Rand Mall, you can reap several more benefits if you apply further common-sense.  First of all, you don’t have to worry about creating or selling products. The real value here lies not in promoting the products but in owning the marketplace itself and thinking of creative ways to improve awareness and generating traffic.” Thabo Makhele – CEO & Founder Kagiso Online (Pty) Ltd

Here is what we can build for you dude, ask questions later ?Thabo has asked that we kindly right the article in the tone that he would normally use in a pitch. weird i know, we scratching this out. !

  • By making a one-time investment, struggling, or even established Business owners “what the heck?”  all can enjoy a life-time license of West Rand Mall business model commonly referred to as a “Multi-Vendor Marketplace” this model can be utilized in different ways across all industries, the possibilities are endless. The development of the system is provided our parent company Kagiso Online (pty) Ltd  who are also proficient in Company Branding and Digital Marketing.

  1. With a flexible payment approach, you can make the payment for the platform in milestones. Simply select a package that meets your requirements, make a nominal upfront payment and pay the remaining amount in parts. The aim is to endorse ownership, the month-to-month subscription model can be really crippling to start-ups especially from disadvantaged backgrounds. Lack of funding should not be a reason why your business idea should not see the light of day.
  3. The entire Kagiso Online (pty) Ltd development team is available and can help you customize your marketplace as per your requirements.
  4. Kagiso Online (pty) Ltd provides you with multiple options to make money, such as commissions, subscriptions and advertisements. You also have the option to include affiliate model to multiply your revenue.
  6. As an entrepreneur, you have the flexibility to choose commission costs for each purchase made on the vendor’s products.
  7. It’s up to you to fix the commission cost, keep it customizable as per the product type or category it falls in, or charge a percentage of the selling price.
  8. West Rand Mall has a multi-currency feature, which indicates that you can target both domestic and global customers. This functionality can be enabled for your platform too.
  9. The social media sharing option allows you to stay in touch with the customers and gain potential customers too.
  10. Go global and expand your business at any time with minimal effort.
  11. Easily manage the vendor subscription packages from the backend.
  12. Managing the discount coupons from the backend is simple.
  13. Admin can manage all users from buyers to sellers and from affiliates to advertisers, from the backend.
  14. Admin can track the recent activities of buyers such as a product added to cart or cancellation request.
  15. West Rand Mall comes with a multi-layer security feature to protect both customers’ data and your store. This allows you to focus solely on other business operations and growth. This security feature can be enabled for your platform too.
  16. Offer multiple payment options to buyers, such as wallet, credit/debit card, cash on delivery, and transfer to the bank.
  17. Automate tasks like order & shipment management, and shipping rate retrieval with DHL,  ShipStation, The Courier Guys API integrated with your online store by default. You can manage the cart with shipping API integration of your choice.
  18. Admin can view date-wise sales reports of vendors, including order details.
  19. Leverage marketing features such as PPC advertisements, affiliate modules, promotional banners, social media sharing, and blog integration with the website.
  20. Admin has an option to keep a backup of their database to avoid the last-minute hassle of downloading the data when required.
  21. Manage and alter SEO settings (like page title, meta tags, social media integration, schema optimization, and micro meta tags) for your website at any time. Or our Digital Marketing and SEO experts can assist you with this.
  22. What is great is that Kagiso Online (Pty) Ltd charges you zero transaction fee after the one-time Development fee. The system is yours to grow into, we will supply you with lifetime support, we are constantly innovating, so as we bring in new features we will expand those to your business absolutely free.  

Entrepreneurs looking to build an eCommerce marketplace like West Rand Mall, Take A Lot or Amazon should look no further than Kagiso Online (Pty) Ltd  – the perfect multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace solution that lets you start a conversion-focused multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace. We have 15 Years and we are still going, we are trusted by many businesses across South Africa, we are known for applying common sense in our solution and offering them at a reasonable and affordable enabling all business irrespective of size, we have earned brownie points by launching a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace (West Rand Mall) owing to its amazing features, scalability, flexible technology, cost-efficiency and lifetime FREE.


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