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The world has been shaken up by the pandemic, while some countries have gradually recovered from the health crisis, the majority of countries are still comprehending ways to stand strong against the economic crisis. Most brick-and-mortar stores have analyzed the foot count and reducing sales figures, they are planning to shift their stores online to regain their customers and profitability. During the pandemic, survival and finding innovative opportunities is the primary focus for entrepreneurs, catering to the current market needs, West Rand Mall has a unique proposition for businesses in South Africa, and all over the world which applies common sense.   We simply go beyond just offering a platform for SMEs to sell to buyers, are actually also brand these companies, and register e-mail domains, Logo Design, and as well as the entire Corporate Identity. This enables our vendors to exclusively market their businesses in a more professional and effective way.

Thabo Makhele CEO and Founder of Kagiso Online (Pty) Ltd, an innovative technology solution having served SMEs and enterprises across the globe, explored cutting-edge technology to contribute during the pandemic, he mentioned in a statement that his vision to build a Smart hub was currently underway before the Hard Lock Down, the Smart Hub was initially meant to transition into an online platform over time, the Pandemic expedited the Multi-Vendor platform with the construction of the actual physical Mall to follow soon after COVID-19.  Investors are evaluating the feasibility of having a physical Mall, however our pitch also based on common sense, as much as it is convenient to work from home, shop from the comfort of your couch, it can never replace the recreational experience our Mall intend to create, we are not going the conventional route. 

Our mall will have indoor sports activities, such as an indoor Basketball Court, Soccer a Skate park and the traditional movie theatre and gaming arcades, these activities are what our children are looking forward to, being cooked up in the house all the time will breed a generation of unhealthy people to lack a better explanation. However we do acknowledge the world has reach what we believe is a digital age, a fair balance is inevitably going to be observe, so among the many technologies we created to aid SMEs and the Livelihood of the general populate we created West Rand Mall.  We are excited about the launch of West Rand Mall, we are going to create plenty of opportunities thus contributing a great deal to the struggling economy and livelihood of South Africa’s most poor communities, the eCommerce Multi-Vendor Market place   will enable SMEs and merchants to start their own online stores (single stores) at zero capital investment. 


Entrepreneurs looking to build an eCommerce marketplace like West Rand Mall, Take A Lot or Amazon should look no further than Kagiso Online (Pty) Ltd  – the perfect multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace solution that lets you start a conversion-focused multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace. We have 15 Years and we are still going, we are trusted by many businesses across South Africa, we are known for applying common sense in our solution and offering them at a reasonable and affordable enabling all business irrespective of size, we have earned brownie points by launching a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace (West Rand Mall) owing to its amazing features, scalability, flexible technology, cost-efficiency and lifetime FREE.

West Rand Mall will help in reducing the time to market by offering agility and scalability in the functionality without attaching a price tag to it. We will however encourage the purchase of a yearly membership fee for all interested parties which will aid in a streamlined procurement process, from Logistics to shipping and more. We want to ensure we control the delivery of client products and services in a timely fashion and be the mediator between the Seller and the buyer.

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